what is life exactly?

Farmer, donkey, horse.

Once upon a time, there was a horse, a donkey and a farmer. The farmer uses these two animals to help him grind beans. (he only has 2 animals) One day, the farmer decided to go to town to do some trading. So he asked the animals, ” the road there and back will be long and tedious. Who is willing to come with me? ” The donkey didnt want to go, so he nudged the horse and said ” you go lah “. So the horse went with the farmer. they went up hills and down hills, braved the good and the bad weather together. Same thing when they came back.

Mmeanwhile, the donkey continued his job of grinding the beans in the farm. Going round and round. When the horse and the farmer came back, the donkey asked the horse ” so how was it? what did you do? ” The horse replied ” we braved through the weathers and the lands together. I saw what I would never have seen my entire life. I saw rainbows, butterflies and much more. though it was tedious, i experienced much. ” ” what about you? what did you do? ” The donkey replied ” oh, you know, the same usual things.. “

the morale of the story; press on and stick with your beliefs. one day, your ‘ farmer ‘ will bring you to town and you’ll experience what you’ll never be able to your whole life! 😀


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