what is life exactly?

How Can I Make the Best of This?

Mostly anything that happens can be useful to you, or it can set you back, depending primarily on what you make of it.

Get into the habit of asking yourself “how can I make the best of this?” For example, a couple of hours ago I jumped into my car to make a 10-minute run to the post office. Along the way, a 2-inch bolt became imbedded in my right front tire. Now I’m sitting in the waiting room of a tire dealer, getting the damage repaired.

I could have spent a few hours fretting about the loss of my time, and how unfair it was. And I must admit, I did spend a few minutes in that mode. But then I asked myself, “how can I make the best of this?” The answer — get out a pen and paper and write this message.

The various circumstances in which you find yourself can serve as excuses, or they can be turned into opportunities. What’s great about the time and place in which you find yourself? Whatever you make of it.

— Ralph Marston — Submitted by Joady Frits — California

yes. how you see the situation really makes a difference. i can be going through a rough time now, but if i’m able to see the light in the situation, everything would be well.
say for those taking major exams, you are uptight and all, preparing hard and well. been uptight and scared isnt going to improve your marks right? so what for? go with confidence instead.

to me, whether i’m happy or sad, it’s still a day i’m living. why not just pass the day happy? why burden yourself with the unhappiness? if you try being happy, you’ll love the experience so much you’d want more of it! it’s impossible for one to always be happy, is what everyone tells me. but i can tell you now, that it’s possible. because i can do it. what’s so tough about curving your lips upwards? try it. you’ll be marvelled.


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