what is life exactly?

The roots of educations are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

– Aristotle

many students would definitely agree with this particular statement. how many of us actually love studying? when we were still a baby, we didnt need to study. we had freedom to play as we liked. however, it comes a time where we have to embark on a journey of learning. of studying. the books, the content, ugh! it’s so nerver wrecking everytime we have to prepare for an upcoming test or exam. sometimes, students see this in a bitter way, and feels that it is a burden to actually study. or rather, they feel that it is a total waste of time. however, what we, as students do not consider is, after completing our studies, what lies ahead of us are actually sweet returns. someone once told me, ” do you wish to suffer in the earlier part of life and enjoy in the later part of life, or would you rather enjoy the earlier part of life and suffer in the later part of your life? when you are old and sickly? ” this kind of jolted me. yes. i rather suffer now and secure myself a good future. rather then just enjoy now and regret next time that i didnt work harder now. no use crying over spilt milk. it’s pointless. do well now, secure a good job. it’ll lead to financial stability, or better, financial freedom. then, enjoy in the future. better that way right?

therefore, to those who are reading this post, although as students, you may have hated studying, just remember that in the later part of life, you’re going to enjoy. therefore, work hard now. you’ll never regret it.


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