what is life exactly?


i know now is the crucial period for some of the students. O level/ A level/ N level/ EOY/ Promos/ SAT/ etc. and many of you are facing the same distraction; THE computer.

yes. that evil technology savvy machine. that’s causing you your studying time.

try this:

1) reward system; i study for 1 hour, then i allow 15mins on the computer. OR i study this chapter. after this chapter, i’ll play for 1/2 hour.

2) punishment system; if i cannot concentrate on my studies for 1 hour, no computer break.

3) psychological system; the computer is evil. i cannot touch it. if i touch it, i will not do well. it is evil it is evil it is evil *chants*

4) friends help system; study together and encourage each other not to use the computer. like “aye, remind me to not touch the comp ah. if i touch, your fault ._. ”

5) desperate system; disconnect the computer from the internet, lock your computer, throw it away (i’m kidding). stop all communication to your computer in anyway. such as seeing your computer/ feeling it/ etc.

i’m sure it should help 😀 oh, and if you decide to throw your computer out, let me know. i’ll catch it 😀 haha.
ps. computer = laptop as well ^^


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