what is life exactly?


A Post of Random Thoughts

ever felt lost? in a way, helplessness as well? there are many times that i felt that way. lost without knowing what went wrong and how to salvage the situation. how many times i’ve got lost and found my way back. i wanted someone to help me so much during the time of helplessness. yet no one knew.

ever felt in love? but you cannot have the person? the ache in your heart when you see the one you love being close to everyone but you? or maybe the one you love depends on you, but would never see you together with them. or maybe the person’s heart is not with you. “love is about letting go. if he/she comes back, then he/she is meant for you. otherwise, give each other your blessings from the bottom of your heart.

everytime someone falls, i try my best to pick the person up. but there is always a limit as to what people, or rather humans can do. if i help, and you dont try what i say, what’s the point in helping you? you just repeat your own mistake over and over again. and you come to me saying the same time over and over again.

many a times, what may seem trivial to one person, may seem the world to another. therefore, there is the existence of suicide. yes. do not think lightly of problems that one faces. it’s dangerous. you wouldnt want to see someone talking to you now and the next thing you know, the person’s gone.


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