what is life exactly?

How I Want To Be Remembered.

I don’t want to be remembered as the guy who was good or bad at sports;
The guy who was physically strong or weak;
The guy who was good or bad looking;
The guy who was talented at one thing but definitely not in another;
The guy who was smart or dumb or even worse, average.

I want to remembered for the love that I gave;
For the friendships that I made;
For the caring and compassion that I showed towards others;
For the happiness that never seemed to go away
Which I shared with every person that I possibly could;
And for the faith and hope that never died inside…

— Jerry H. — Pennsylvania

how do YOU want to be remembered? you decide the way others would remember you. think about how you are going to remember others. are you going to remember others for their bad points? or for their good points? which ever one you choose, remember they may do the same to you. 🙂 i wish to be remembered the way i am right now. nothing more nothing less.

together with that hug,
all was gone with it.
nothing’s left.
it hurts. but,
how much do you know?

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