what is life exactly?

(A promise (also called troth) is a psychological contract indicating a transaction between two persons whereby the first person undertakes in the future to render some service or gift to the second person or devotes something valuable now and here to his or her use. A promise may also refer to any kind of vow or guarantee.)

ever said “i promise” to someone, and never fulfilled it?
how often does one make promises to others? almost all the time right?

when you say “yes i’ll do it”, you’re promising the person that you’re going to complete the piece of work, isnt it?

when you say “i’ll be there for you no matter what happens”, you’re promising the person that no matter what happens to him/her, you’ll be there to support and encourage the individual, isnt it?

but in reality, how many of you actually fulfil what you say? touch your own conscience and answer this.

to me, promises are things that i treasure a lot; no matter how simple is it. but certain promises takes a lot of commitment. eg. when you say “i’ll be there for you”; no matter what time the individual approaches you, you’ve to make time to listen to the individual and take appropriate action. which is almost impossible in today’s society. everyone’s busy with their own things, who cares about such promises already? i do. i do. i still keep what i say to others. when i say i’ll be there, i’m always just a ring away.

promises are commitments that are difficult to fulfil. please, before you make your next promise, do think twice. do not hurt the receiver. b’cos, when a promise is not fulfilled, the one at the receiving end suffers the most. and it hurts. trust me. it does.

it hurt when i talked to you
b’cos you didnt understand anything
b’cos it’s me?
maybe. i’m tired.

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