what is life exactly?

Reach for Excellence, Reach to be Significant

Seize today, the moment, this second.

But reach for significance not success.

Success is often the illusion we see when we dream of what we think will make us happy. It is not the ideal, just an hallucination of the actual ideal.

But when we seize today and the significance we find that nothing else matters, because what else is there but those things that are significant to us??

I don’t think all people will reach for excellence let alone ever achieve it. Many will live lives of “quiet …” but in the end will have found some significance. Family, friends even strangers will be a part of that.

To think that we will all be reaching for greatness I think is a disservice to the masses of fellow humans who don’t “make it”. However there is a promise that all of us have, just because we are born; that is we have lived and we were here to experience the many things that gave us significance.

Living with passion is a nice idea, sure we should, I guess, try to. But for those who just live don’t feel bad…that’s what I do and I am happy as well.

You may not lose all the weight you want, find the man or woman of your dreams, or make a million dollars. But you will be able to say ” I was here and I did my best!”

When it all comes down to it, significance is the only thing that matters any way… no matter what anyone else says.

— Derek — Scientific Artist

true indeed. what is life to you? do you live life with each passing day? or do you live life with a significance everyday? seize the moment. flipping through the newspaper and seeing so many deaths a day, sometimes i reall wonder, when my time would come. life is short. what you can do today, do it to your best ability. there may not be another chance for opportunity knocks but once. therefore, live each day with significance and do it well.


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