what is life exactly?


Outside my window, a new day I see,
And only I can determine
What kind of day it will be.
It can be busy and sunny, laughing and gay,
Or boring and cold, unhappy and gray.

My own state of mind is the determining key,
For I am only the person I let myself be.

I can be thoughtful and do all I can to help,
Or be selfish and think just of myself.
I can enjoy what I do and make it seem fun,
Or gripe and complain and make it hard on someone.

I can be patient with those who may not understand
Or belittle and hurt them as much as I can.

But I have faith in myself,
And believe what I say
And I personally intend to make the most of each day.

— Anonymous — Submitted by Pat Carley — Florida

yeapps. no doubt. what kind of day you’re going to have is decided by you. if you think that today is going to be a great day, of course it’d be a great day =) if you dread today and think about only how much more worse it can get, then it’d be a horrible day. i know it’s not easy to wake up everyday and say “today is going to be a great day!” nor is it easy to always see the positive in every negative situation. but do try. once in a while. give it a shot. you’ll realise that it actually helps 🙂 there are times where i’m in a really bad situation? but being me, i always stone =.= and wait till the last minute to solve it, the problem cum trouble -free way. and yeah. i do solve it in the end. well. haha. see the difference? if i had only focused on how dead i would be if i dont get the work done, i’d never get it done. instead, i focused on only completing the task at hand. 🙂

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