what is life exactly?

You Are Important.

Always remember you are unique and you are important. There is no one else in the world quite like you. You are special. There never has been and there never will be anyone like you again.

Don’t let people take away your respect for yourself. No matter what they say or do remember that you are very important and a worthwhile person, and always retain respect for yourself. They cannot take away your self respect and dignity, for you control what you think of yourself and no one else.

You have your own special qualities and talents, and though you may not have the talents and gifts that someone else has, you have your own talents and gifts that others do not have. No one else can be you. Only you can be you. Try to be the best you possible.

Remember also that you are important to other people. You cannot help but touch the lives of other people as you go through life. There are many people who need your love and support, and who look up to you, and want to emulate you. People you may not even be aware of need you, and watch your life, and if you give up and fail yourself, you are failing them and letting them down too.

— Copyright © 1999 Walter Westfall — Illinois

yes. each and every one of us is important. what you can do, may not be what i can do or what others can do. what i can do, may not be what you can do or what others can do. you do what you can best and do it well. that’s the most important thing. i’ve always seen friends who are upset that they dont do certain things as well as others, and often times, they do not realise that what they do best is what the other party cannot do. everyone has their own abilities. i may not be good academically, but i’m good at others. just like my friends who are academically well to do, but are not as good at other aspects. so, take time to find out what you do best, and pursue that field. b’cos it is that that makes you who you are! 😀


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