what is life exactly?

The Nature of Life.

Compassion for a crying child comes
from the depth of our own childhood
where once, so long ago, we cried.

How profound, those feelings of shared
sorrow, loss, fear, anger and confusion,
that move us to give of ourselves when
understanding is our only motivation.

From the poverty of tears
we learn the richness of laughter.

From the scarcity of love
we learn the abundance of loving.

From the darkest clouds
we learn to bask in the warmth
of the brightest days.

From the destitution of spirit
we learn to polish the diamonds
in our souls.

May the love in your soul, embrace your heart
and fill your mind with the knowledge
that where you are today,
no matter how sad the emotion
or how difficult the situation,
is where you need to be.

— Copyright © 1999 — Terri McPherson — Ontario, Canada

from the abundance of love, do i learn to share my love with others 😀 how true the above poem is. no matter what happens, you are who you are because of what you’ve gone through. and only you know how it truly feels. no two people can lead the exact same life. similar life, perhaps. but not the same life. yupps. so, be proud that you’ve managed to come so far despite the many setbacks you’ve received and continue to persevere on! b’cos you’re you, and no one else =)


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