what is life exactly?


The sincere and innocent wisdom of a child never ceases to fill me with wonder.

Last year I had surgery to remove a tumor from my thyroid gland. I had staples across the front of my neck for a week afterward (a true Frankenstein look) and then a very angry looking red scar after the staples were removed. Since I couldn’t tolerate a collar against the wound, I became very creative at wearing scarves. My granddaughter Caitlynd, 3 1/2 yrs old at the time, also started wearing scarves.

The two of us had a grand time picking out ‘the perfect scarf’ for our outfits and finding unique ways to tie them. As I opened my closet door to choose our scarves for Caitlynd’s fourth birthday, my precious granddaughter put her hand on my forearm and said, “Let’s not wear a scarf today.”

Looking into her serious little face, I took a deep breath and closed the closet door. On the way out of the house, I took a quick look in the mirror and felt the tears rise in my eyes.

Her birthday party was a big affair and I knew people were going to stare at my now—bright pink scar—and whisper about it behind their hands.

To this day, I don’t know if Caitlynd saw the well of tears I fought back or sensed my hesitant mood, but as we walked out the door she said, “Don’t worry Grammy, I’ll hold your hand.”

And she did, all day long. I haven’t worn a scarf since.
— Copyright © Terri McPherson —Ontario, Canada

awwww. that’s so sweet! wells, i’m sure the girl had understood and realised how the grandma felt. she just did it in her own childish way. the way i do things too. wells, every one of us, somehow or another, is just like the grandma. with a scar, whether physical or not, that we wouldnt want others to see. so am i. in fact, i’m so scared of others seeing it, i dont want to even let others realise it exists.


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