what is life exactly?

I wrote this towards all the teens out there. With this being my last year as a teen (19), I feel that what I’ve learned is important to keep in mind being a teenager, and looking out on life. Anyone of any age could obviously use any of these as a positive. Maybe something to put up as a mindset for the next millenium…:) This, I guess, is part of my contribution to practice and teach morals and wisdom.

The journey is the destination, live for the present.

A quick mouth is an ignorant one.

Your personality directly reflects how you feel inside…live from the inside out.

Always have the idea there is someone out there better than you. Better looking, smarter, quicker, faster, stronger, richer… Meaning: There is always room for improvment, never be satisfyed. Over-confidence is ignorance…and staying static is when you’re passed up.

Your 2 promises to God: You find what you love…and you put everything you have into it.

Learn from your mistakes then chalk it up. Life requires experience and experience is wisdom.

Unless your part of the royal family, remember nothing is given to you. There are no guarantees in life.

Outwork everyone in sight-pride yourself on it.

It’s never what you say, its always what you do that matters.

Practice and teach your morals and wisdom, the good example is priceless.

— Curt, Age 19 — Indiana

No one owes you a living. Remember that. Everything should start from YOU. Do things for yourself, not for others. It’s your life. Why should others intefere? Always aim to be the best; do everything to the best of your abilities. Only when one is true to his or herself, that is when the best is achieved.


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