what is life exactly?

Ideal Society

An ideal society is what everyone craves for; however, we all know that, it is close to impossibility. But, we can still do our part and work towards our idea of ideal, in our own little ways.

What one deems as an ideal society is rather subjective. One may feel like world peace is the key to an ideal society; and another may think that without money, the society would be free of vices and thus, is an ideal society. However, personally, I feel that, an ideal society is the same as saying that “thou shall not steal”; for stealing is the world’s most vicious crime. This was adapted from <>.

Why is stealing vicious? Simple. When one murders, one denies the victim’s contacts of the victim; meaning, the murderer stole the victim away from his circle of friends, from his family, etc. When one steals, one denies the owner of the object. When one rapes, one denies the virginity of the victim and causes much impact on the victim as well as those around her.

An ideal society that consists of only happily-ever-after and never tears; a society filled with happiness, and never sadness; a society where nothing goes wrong. How possible is that?

In this time and age, with technology advancement and education, things have changed. We know how in the past, without all these complications, people lived happily and were united. Now, we have children who have low moral values system, addiction, unhappiness, stress, etc.

“What’s there for me at the end of life?”

Ever asked yourself that question? It seems as though we’re rushing through each day, competing with others, ‘survival of the fittest’ all the time; leaving us no time to sit down and enjoy life. No time to spend with others. No time to do anything at all. Not even to catch our breadth.

How often have you walked into a restaurant, place your orders, and the phone rings; half the time it’s something important. What happens next is, you cancel your orders and leave the place. Or you take away and rush off again.

Life should not be about rushing. Life should be about enjoying. There are many things to life, not just holding a stable job, rushing through the process of life, etc.

In an ideal society, things should go slow. So that people can appreciate what’s going on around them. Absorb what earth has in store for each and every one of us. Feel the nature, and make friends with the animals. Have time to spend with other. Time to rest, time to eat, time to look up into the sky and say “what a beautiful day”.

“Are you happy?”

A question frequently asked. How does one define as happy? Some say it is defined as how much achievement one has. Some say it is defined as not being sad. To me, it is defined as being contented. Being contented with what? Of course, it is being contented with life. It is precisely because of what one has gone through that can lead to what one is today. Therefore, one should be contented that he or she had the chance to experience it.

Many times, we hear people complaining about the slightest possible thing. I’m no different. I do complain too. But, I do not forget to look at the other side of things. The brighter side of life. One may see the painful life experiences as ‘retribution and punishment’; another may see it as ‘life is unfair’; another may see it as ‘these are what is going to shape me to be ready for whatever is in store for me”. Perspective plays a huge part in life.

In an ideal society, people should be optimistic. No doubt sometimes in life, pessimism is needed so that we pre-empt mistakes and ensure that we do not make the wrong choices. However, right now, what is happening is that pessimism is overly used.

Wells, it is a fact that an ideal society is unattainable, because what is deemed as ideal is subjective. When something is subjective, most likely, it is not going to be changed overnight and thus, going to be proven futile trying in the first place.

How about you? What is your ideal society?


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