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Val Day ideas.

Read through the news in Yahoo and there was an article regarding what not to give on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Joke Items – Even if you’re the fun-loving type of person, don’t ever make it appear as if you’re making fun of your loved one with your gift.
  2. Pillow novelty items – You’ve probably seen this in an email or website. The boyfriend or girlfriend pillow or a pillow with your picture in it is just not romantic.
  3. Baby talk anything – Any item with “I Wuv You” should not even be considered as a Valentine’s day gift
  4. Cheesy suggestive gifts – These includes t-shirts and other “items” that cannot be mentioned here because this is a kid-friendly blog.
  5. Plastic roses – The article actually just mentioned roses, but I beg to differ. Roses are still a romantic, classic gift that will never be out of style. But plastic ones are not.

This kinds of reminds me that girls didn’t like roses because they wither; meaning that their other half’s love would too, in due time. So their other half thought of plastic roses  that will never wilt to symbolize their love for them. And the girls were unhappy too =.=” because they said that their other half’s love for them is as plastic as the rose. Please tell me, what to give uh -_- but apparently, girls still love roses eh. xD

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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