what is life exactly?

The things I want to do with my family!

You know, sometimes life gets so cluttered you just want to get away from it? Or work overrides your life? And take precious time off you and your family members?

Ever faced empty promises by over-busy parents who doesn’t seem to have that little amount of time meant for you? How you wish, once in a while, they can just stop whatever they’re doing and give you some attention. I wish!

My parents are busy. But at least they make it a point to come home for dinner, if possible; and I’m thankful for that! 😀 We get our little family time, which I am aware, many out there are deprived off ):

Let’s see. There are so many things I want to do with my family members that I don’t know where to start! O.o

Hmmm.. *thinks hard*

I know! I want to spend one FULL day with my family! Since we usually only spend like dinner together? Or maybe just lunch ): I want to spend the whole day with my family! ^_^

We’ll visit places like the Singapore Flyer?

Ride the Hippo Tours perhaps?

Maybe take a walk in the Botanic Gardens! xD Since we’ve always talked about wanting to go there ._.

Hmmmm. I wonder when I’ll get to go ):
OH OH OH! Family Day! 😀 😀
Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009!

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