what is life exactly?

You have legs.

Sometimes, it’s the simple little things in life that makes you happy. It isn’t the fame nor the recognition you’re going to get in life that’ll get you far. It’s the little details that you’ve overlooked all your life that really makes you happy. Who tells you that being rich means you’ll be happy. Who tells you that poor people are sad? They have their own methods to be happy. They know the true meaning of happines; for they understand what it means to be contended.

Don’t you realize that humans tend to be very greedy? Always wanting more. I don’t deny that I’m like that too. I’m not contended. I always want more. But I work towards what I want. I’m not scheming; I don’t step on others to get up. Sometimes, I do wish I was poor. At least I know what happiness means. But, nah, I’m human after all. I want to be rich; own a house, a car; and be rich while still being me. Tough but I want to make sure that at the end of the day, I can proudly say;

At least I tried.

What about you? Have your goals in mind and move on. Caught this on anime just now;

“What do I look forward to continue living tomorrow?”
“Think about that yourself. Stand up and move forward. You have legs.”

Indeed. As long as you’re alive, there’s something you can do. With all the life you have, do something. You’ll be surprised at the result. =)


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