what is life exactly?

Loving and living.

To love and to lose is one of the biggest tragedies in life, yet one fails to see the blessing in the loss. We lose for many reasons – a death, a divorce, a broken friendship and the end of a relationship. In that moment, we feel our life has come to an end. How are we to go on? A piece of your soul is taken leaving an empty hole in your heart.

The question of “why me” repeats in your mind but as the beauty of time progresses, we see the answer. Loss makes us stronger and wiser. A loss helps us to appreciate even the smallest, insignificant things in life. Our hearts become softer and full of even more love than we had to begin with. A loss helps us to see that we can’t do it alone, that we need faith and hope to get us through. We learn the mercy and grace of God.

When the grieving and the healing have taken their course, we are renewed, ready to begin a new chapter in our lives with a whole new outlook and attitude. Only then are we able to appreciate the lesson learned through that loss. One never forgets those we lost, but we do learn to let go.

We learn to keep living even though we don’t want to. We learn to treasure each moment and each person. In turn, losses make our lives a lot richer.

To love and lose is a tragedy, but it’s not the end of our lives. It’s part of our journey.

— Copyright © 2006 Yanira Crespo

I believe that somewhere along the journey called Life, one would have lost something valuable towards themselves. Be it a very close friend, or probably the leaving of a family member, or perhaps the death of a dog, etc. Everyone experiences different things and react differently to them. As I’ve always said, it’s not what happens in the end, it’s the process of recovering that really matters. Through different experiences, one learns to grow up and ultimately, they learn to let go.

People tend to be like this, they only learn to cherish when they’ve lost something.

Let’s hope that we learn to cherish things before we loose them. Cos once that something is lost, they’ll never come back again.


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