what is life exactly?


“Positive thinking is not about blind optimism.”

Positive thinking focuses on making use of all resources to stay positive even in difficult times. It is the way you perceive the situation; you see the situation as it is yet still being able to see the other side of it.

It is having the ability to look beyond what is happening on the surface and see the bigger, long term picture instead. That is where the biggest benefits of positive thinking are realized.

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Wells, I guess everyday we always meet with something that puts us down. And then sometimes we don’t know what’s the best way to deal with such situations. You’re not alone. Many people out there do not know how to handle such situations too. Wells, you may choose to confide in someone you trust, a stranger, or write it out. Or you can choose to go to a beach or some field and scream it out of your lungs. Those are methods of releasing the tension that is building up inside you. Never keep things inside yourself. Cry if you need to. Crying doesn’t mean that you’re weak or anything; it just means that you’re a feeling person.


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