what is life exactly?


While watching a particular anime, one of the episode kinda caught my attention.

It was referring to why people were jealous of others. (I’ve edited certain parts of the episode, but the meaning behind it is the same) Everyone has a special trait, some has more. But people usually don’t recognize that they do in fact own a particular trait. They go after another person’s trait, a trait they do not possess; and tend to burden themselves with the fact that they cannot be like them. This jealously is born like that. Stuck onto our back, is a little diamond. Rough and unpolished. We see others diamond on their back, we don’t see our own. (Obviously if it’s on your back you can’t see it -.-) You will need another person to tell you that there’s a diamond stuck onto your back before you know it.

How often do you see yourself in this situation? Where you look up to people or are jealous of their abilities? Jealous that they can do things that you cannot do better than you. Or jealous that they can do the things you can do even better than you do. I’m sure somehow or another, each of us had been through that phase. It isn’t uncommon, nor anything to be shameful about. Just remember that everyone is unique. You will have a trait that he doesn’t, just like he has one you don’t. Don’t fret. Take time to discover your own traits and understand yourself better 😀


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