what is life exactly?

Kindness Costs Nothing

On a beautiful morning, an older gentleman, aged 75, was sitting with his son when he asked his son what was sitting in the window. He himself was not able to recognize what it was, due to his weak eyesight.

His son replied, “That is the crow.”

Due to his age, the older man forgot and asked again.

His son again replied the same thing, “That is the crow.”

This exchange continued for seven to eight times when, and at last, his son got annoyed and replied with anger, “Why are you asking the same thing again and again?”

The old man replied with tears in his eyes. “Son, don’t get angry. When you were at the age of 4 years you asked me the same question 40 times and I never got angry.”

— Author Unknown — Submitted by Harpal Lukhar — India

Do you remember the times your mum or dad did so much for you when you were young? Yet at an age of raging hormones, we tend to neglect them totally. Yet they do not ignore us. They still continue to shower us with the love that was ever so noble. There are times when I am rude, insensitive and hurtful; yet my parents didn’t give up on me. They still helped me whenever I was in deep shit. They still stand by me; all just because I am their child.
“Don’t bite the hand that bites you..” That’s an old proverb. Indeed. One day, you are going to be a parent too. I guess, that’s when we will understand what our parents had gone through.

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