what is life exactly?


How can you move on if you’re still living in the past? And how can you step forward, leaving the past behind if you can’t even begin to forgive what the past holds? How can you love someone for who they are yet want to hate them for what they’ve done?

I guess that what it boils down to is this: there are always those defining moments, times that make us or break us, build us or tear us apart, help us progress further or stop us dead in our tracks. And for whichever way we may choose, there’s a consequence of equal value.
It’s a true test of what we stand for, where we came from, and where we are going. These are moments that we live for, breathe for, and fight for. These are the defining moments that leave imprints forever in our hearts, making our souls forever. These are choices that could bring you one step closer to forever or leaving you hostage to the past. I guess in order to move on from the past, you must learn to forgive it.
And forgiving may mean letting go.

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