what is life exactly?

The Best Moments In Life

1. Falling in love. ✔
2. Laughing till your stomach hurts. ✔
3. Enjoying a ride down the country side.
4. Listening to your favorite song on the radio. ✔
5. Going to sleep listening to the rain pouring outside. ✔
6. Getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself with a warm, fuzzy towel.. ✔
7. Passing your final exams with good grades. ✔
8. Being a part of an interesting conversation. ✔
9. Finding some money in some old pants. ✔
10. Laughing at yourself. ✔
11. Sharing a wonderful dinner with all your friends. ✔
12. Laughing without a reason. ✔
13. ‘Accidentally’ hearing someone say something good about you. ✔
14. Watching the sunset. ✔
15. Listening to a song that reminds you of an important person in your life. ✔
16. Receiving or giving your first kiss. ✔
17. Feeling this buzz in your body when seeing this ‘special’ someone. ✔
18. Having a great time with your friends. ✔
19. Seeing the one you love happy. ✔
20. Wearing the shirt of a person you love and smelling his perfume. ✔
21. Visiting an old friend of yours and remembering great memories. ✔
22. Hearing someone telling you ‘I LOVE YOU’ ✔
That makes me more than just a happy person. LOL. My life is just too good to be true (: Honestly, nothing can beat a life that one is contented with. Contentedness leads to greater things ahead. ‘Cos being able to feel content, is one skill that comes with a high price to pay.

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