what is life exactly?

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

How true it is. Only people w small minds gossip about others. I do not deny that I do have a small mind some times. I have had my fair share of great, average and small minds so far. The fact that one cannot see past the other makes them narrow minded. It brings us back to the story about the monk and the lady.

There was once two monks who wanted to cross the river. There was a lady who was unable to cross the river. The older monk carried her on his back and helped her across. He let her down and the two monks carried on their journey. After some time, the younger monk asked, “Sir, you know we’re unable to touch woman. Why did you help her out just now?” The older monk then replied, “I’ve already left her at the river bank quite some time ago, why are you still carrying her?”

The moral of the story is about letting go. Same goes for humans. When one learns to let go, one gets to see past many things; be it people or events. That’s when one sees things in a different perspective. & that’s when ideas are born.


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