what is life exactly?

Just a random thought

Just a random thought but I think that humans love to complicate things. Eg life is simple yet humans choose to take things difficult, refuse to let go, rush through everything, etc etc.

Sometimes I look at people and wonder if they knew what they were living for. Do they know that they’re rushing through life? And not enjoying it? You may argue and bring in topics like cash, family, time, etc. It doesn’t matter. Life is slipping by. Those are just excuses.

Enjoy life. It is a beautiful gift. Each and every life on earth is unique and great in their own way.

You’re good as it is. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

I don’t deny that I’m not good. I admit it in fact. I’m learning to enjoy as well. I’ve been enjoying life so far if you want to know. I treasure the moments and treat people right, though not all the time. It’s human to err. Just learn from there on.

Just a random average thought. Oh wells..


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