what is life exactly?

What will you do when the world ends?

Someone posted me that question. Well, I do not have a definite answer. Neither do you. If it really does come, there is nothing we can do as well. We’re not God. We just have to accept the fact that it is the end. Though I believe that it will not happen too soon. 2012 is definitely too soon. It will not happen within this generation nor the next. But I can’t confirm about the rest. That’s about all I know. I am no expert in this field, just my take.

I want to be by the people I love when the world ends.

The latest news about the earthquake, tsunami, and explosions in Japan is really heart wrenching. Their calmness and kindness really touched the heart of many and really sets on thinking; how can a human, already in dire straits, still put someone else in front of them? Wells, it has been proven it is possible. It is all but the human that decides what to do. Of course not neglecting other wordly issues that just happened too – like the Libyan unrest, Bahrain violence, etc. Yes there is a lot of attention given to Japan now, but let us not forget that there are still problems going on elsewhere. It is just sad to see many people scramble to help big issues and as a result, neglect the small. e.g tsunami , haiti which people went all out to help.


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3 thoughts on “What will you do when the world ends?

  1. what will you do if tomorrow is the end of the world, go home and enjoy the last moments with your family, or tell the one you love but you never tell him of her before, or find some place quiet and spend the limited time thinking over the whole life…one thing we are sure is that we will not spend the time doing what we usually do. Since this is the last day we should make it special and do the things you want most. But I think if anyone would spend the day as usually, he must be a great person. Anyway, there is no such thing as the end of the world, but let’s take the spirit and attitude, and spend every moment we have as it was the last minute of our life. And when we do this, I’m sure if there’s really such a moment you can tell yourself that you didn’t waste your time.
    As for me ,if tomorrow is the end of the world, I will spend time with my family, and cook for them, maybe you will say It’s so simple and common, but like what I said before, it’s maybe simple, but it’s sweet.

  2. IloveyouWEI on said:

    If the world gonna end tomorrow,I will ask the girl whom I like to be my girlfriend/wife.If she accept and the world not gonna to end,then I got a nice profit from this incident.=)

    • Haha but whether or not the world ends tomorrow, you should still go ahead and make known your feelings for her 🙂 All the best!

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