what is life exactly?

Life as you deem it

So many people like to ask ‘ what is life? ‘ expecting the other party to know what it is all about. But one forgets that the other party is just as clueless as you. Life is how you deem it. How you view life, how you view yourself, how you view others, how you deal with things, how you feel, etc. All these are not something one can define so easily, much less the other party. Yet people still question.

How many of us actually deviates from the path and chase something we deem as important. It may be right it may not be; it may be ideal or perhaps not. So many controversies so many questions left unanswered. Yet life still goes on.

I guess all I want to say is..

No matter whatever happens, life still goes on. So just suck it up and move your ass forward. Time and tide waits for no man.


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