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Excerpt from a book I am reading..


He never fails to make me re-think my life. And the decision I make along my journey. His books make me ponder and go deeper within myself; hoping to find out the answers that perhaps only I have access to. Thank you to my inspirational writer.


You can’t laugh at the same joke again & again, but why do you keep crying over the same thing over & over again?

Life gives you..

Of Ducks and Cranes.

The taoist philosopher Chuan Tzu (369-286 BC) was a great believer in just being yourself. he illustrated this point by referring to the duck and the crane.

The duck, he said, with its squat body and short necks and legs, is perfectly suited to bobbing about on the water.
The crane, on the other hand, with its slender neck and legs is perfectly suited to wading in the shallows.
Each bird gets along just fine by acting in accordance with its own nature.
In the same way, we, too, get along best simply by being ourselves.

excerpt from Mind Your Body, Gary Hayden

People accept you for who you are. Cover up for who you are, and you risk losing yourself forever. Your entirety.


You can never be happy at the expense of the happiness of others.

– Chinese Proverb

Hurting others in order to get what you want. It’s just not right.

Seeing things differently from others

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

– Author Unknown

It’s a never ending cycle if you realized. You worried about yesterday, you worried about today and still is worry, you worry about tomorrow and the future. When will it ever stop? Ask yourself that question. Constantly worrying, for? Seize the present day’s opportunities. Do it to your advantage. Reduce your unnecessary worries. Learn to let go.

All these do not come easy. But it is possible. Sometimes, it just takes the art of letting go. Letting go of what is not needed in life. A balance is good of course. But just remember that no matter what, worries will always be there. Work round them!

A man asked my friend Jaime Cohen: “What is the human being’s funniest characteristic?” Cohen said: “Our contradictoriness. We are in such a hurry to grow up, and then we long for our lost childhood. We make ourselves ill earning money, and then spend all our money on getting well again. We think so much about the future that we neglect the present, and thus experience neither the present nor the future. We live as if we were never going to die, and die as if we had never lived. “

– Like A Flowing River (Paulo Coelho)

“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.”

– Sandra Carey

Knowledge =/= Wisdom. I’ve known people who seem to have so much knowledge in them.. Yet they have no sense of wisdom at all.

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