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Excerpt from a book I am reading..


He never fails to make me re-think my life. And the decision I make along my journey. His books make me ponder and go deeper within myself; hoping to find out the answers that perhaps only I have access to. Thank you to my inspirational writer.


Why so complicated?

Why do people like to make life seem so complicated? It is just a simple process of growing up, of completing a life cycle. But people just have to deviate, have to prolong life, have to artificially create life, what for? Giving in to temptation, to greed, to power, to hate; but you ignore love, ignore life, ignore health, ignore helping others or letting others help you.

Why do humans hanker over things that are only shown on serials? Things that are perfect. Naive thinking. If those things do happen, then there is no need for shows anymore. ‘Cos all these were created out of fantasies, what people hoped to have but could not. If life was so perfect, there is no purpose in living it. It’d be so dull, so boring, without challenges nor change.

Overrated love, overrated sex, overrated everything.

People talk about ‘oh he’s the untouchable. He’s too high in power to bother about us’; ‘oh I won’t be able to succeed in life. I’m too dumb.’; etc etc. You never know if you never try. There is no one that is an untouchable (of course unless you’re referring to the caste system).. Everyone is a mere human being. No one more superior than the other. Yes you can be better at something, but it does not give you the right to lord over the other. The other person may be better than you in 10 other ways. As there is always someone worse off than you, there is also always someone who is better than you. Be humble and never forget that.

In life, there are so many question marks which will never get answered. Probably even till the day you die. But you know something? Be thankful you are alive and make a difference today. A small difference is all it takes to make things seem a ‘lil better. A small smile, a thank you, a welcome, a helping hand, etc.

Little actions, when accumulated, goes a long way.

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